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ICETEK-F28335-A Evaluation Board

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Hardware features:

    - TI TMS320F28335 DSP as its main processor

        ● Run at 150MHz

        ● High-Performance 32-Bit CPU(TMS320C28x) with a floating-point unit(FPU) inside

        ● On-chip FLASH memory: 256K*16bit

        ● 128-Bit secruity key to prevent program's illegal use

        ● A/D: 16 channels, 6 channels sampling voltage ranges from -5V to +5V and the other is from 0V to 3V

        ● PWM: 18 channels, up to 6 is High-Resolution PWM channels

        ● 88 general-purpose input/output(GPIO) multiplexer pins

    - Extended SRAM: 64K*16bit, maximum extended SRAM can be 512K*16bit

    - D/A: 2 channels

    - User control switches: 4

    - User control indication LEDs: 4

    - Reset circuit

    - Standard CAN bus interface: 1

    - SCI interfaces: 2, one is RS232, the other is optional, RS232 or RS485

    - TLV320AIC23 stereo audio codec

    - Audio input/output interfaces: 4

    - Expansion connectors for all interface

    - Can interoperate with ICETEK experiment tool box

    - Single +5V input, Various DC regulators inside

    - Dimension: 160mm×100mm


    - Digital Motor Control: Servo Drivers/Motion controller, etc.

    - Advanced Sensors: Electricity & electronics/Electronic Measure/Flux Measure, etc.

    - Power Supply: UPS/Switching Power/Inverter, etc.

    - Static Image Processing: Fingerprint recognition/Iris recognition, etc.

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