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ICETEK-DM6446-EVMs Evaluation Board

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ICETEK-DM6446-EVMs evaluation board introduced TI Davanci series chip  TMS320DM6446 as its primary processor and adopted TI Piccolo series chipTMS320F28027 as its coprocessor,providing developers with an ease-to-use comprehensive digital video platform  which can shorten the design period   of manufacturing digital video terminal and equipment remarkablely and reduce the development cost. This product will be Widely used in f video phone,digital video devices,video security system and IP setbox etc.

Hardware characteristics:
           - Main processor:TMS320DM6446
               · TMS320C64xTM DSP capability:600MHz
               · ARM926EJ-S capability:300MHz
           - Coprocessor:TMS320F28027
               · Operating at:60MHz
               · On chip 13 channel 12bit A/D;8 channel PWM OUTPUT
               · On chip 64KB FLASH with 128 security bits
           - Memory:

       · DDR2:2Gbit 32bit
               · NOR Flash:128Mbit
               · NAND Flash:512Mbit
           - Video input:S-Video input,composite video input
           - Video output:VGA output,composite video output
           - Audio input:MIC IN、LINE IN
           - Audio output:LINE OUT、HP OUT
           - Extended interfaces:

        · DM6446 DSP expansion interface
                · F28027 DSP expansion interface
           - SD card socket;CF card socket/hardware interface;USB2.0 interface
           - DB-9serial interface;10/100M ethernet interface;VLYNQ interface
           - Infrared receiver;user DIP switch;battery;reset button
           - LED indicators;on board power switch;+5V power supply input
           - Emulation interface:

         · DM6446 JTAG interface
                 · F28027 JTAG interface
                 · MSP430 JTAG interface

Software samples:
    Basic experiment:
       - Demo experiment
       - Set up CCS emulation debug environment
       - Write/Read DDR2 memory
       - Indicators display
       - Voice input and output test
       - Serial communication
       - Video output
       - Video collection and playback
    Development enviroment setup:
       - Build Ubuntu OS running on virtual machine
       - Use tftp service
       - Test cross compiler :hello world
       - Test file shared system:NFS
    System development:
      - Uboot
       - Kernel
    LINUX Compile:
      - GCC Compile
      - Debug programs using GDB
      - File IO program
       - Kernal module
      - Character driver
    Application program:
       - Use Codec Engine
       - Voice and data G.711 storage
       - G.711 data decoding and play
       - AAC data decoding and play
       - MP3data decoding and play
       - H.264 video data storage
      - MPEG4 video data storage
      - MPEG2 video encoding and play
      - H.264 and MPEG4 video decoding and play

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