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ICETEK-AM3359-B Industries Development Kit

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Dual Gigabit Network Interface AM3359 industries Development Kit


ICETEK-AM3359-B minimum system board kit composed by AM3359 core and extension board. AM3359 core board is integrated with the main processor,DDR3,NAND FLASH,JTAG emulation application expansion board integrates all types of peripheral interfaces,user-friendly connected peripherals.

ICETEK-AM3359-B development kit for smaller overall size,dimensions 100mm×80mm (dimensions excluding connectors),while its core board size is only 65mm×45mm with processing capabilities,core board and extended board by extending the interface plug connectiions,user-friendly and OEM development.

Due to AM3359 further enhances the image,graphics interfaces,peripherals,and industrial use,plus the suite with dual gigabit network interfaces,and uses the main and auxiliary body separation mode,makes it in industrial communication gateway controllers,industrial sensors,automation,home/building automation,consumer electronics products,connection,vending machines are widely used.

Hardware features:

    - Processor: AM3359 ARM Cortex-A8

    - DDR3: 4Gb

    - NAND FLASH: 1Gb

    - Gigabit network interfaces: 2

    - RS-232 interface: 1

    - USB OTG: 1

    - TF card interface: 1

    - LCD interface: 1

    - JTAG interface: 1

    - UART interface: 1

    - Primary processor expanson interface: 2 each 100pin

    - +5V power supply interface: 1

Software routines:

    - LED control test

    - Key control test

    - Control GPIO test

    - LCD display control test

    - USB interface test

    - Driver module to prepare

    - Application-memory module

    - File transfer services-2 channel gigabit network (TFTP)

    - Touch panel programming

    - Qt programming

    - Embedded system test

    - Started with the TF card/SD card

    - The network file system (NFS) test

    - Network file transfer service (FTFP) test

    - File system restore-Nandflash

Supported development environments:

    - Support for LINUX operating system, version:3.2.0

    - Support for ANDROID operating system, version:4.0.3

    - Support for WINCE operating system, version:7.0

    - Support for running CCS stareware

Supported drives:

    - RTC

    - I2C

    - UART(RS232)

    - CAN

    - WIFI(SDIO)

    - USB2.0

    - TCP/IP

    - G ETHERNET(1000M)


    - GPMC

    - McSPI

    - MMC

    - LCD


    - 1 WIRE BUS

    - Nandflash

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