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ICETEK-AM3359-KB3-EZG Development Kit

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Product features:

    - Main processor: AM3359ZCZD72, Cortex-A8 nuclear
    - Frequency: 720MHz
    - DDR3: 4Gb
    - NAND Flash: 8Gb
    - External expansion interface:
        ·1000M network interfaces: 2
        ·CAN interface: 1
        ·LCD interface: 1
        ·TF card interface: 1
        ·USB OTG: 1
        ·USB HOST: 1
        ·RS-232 interface: 1
        ·RS-485 interface: 1
        ·RTC battery interface: 1
        ·Audio interfaces: 2
        ·The 14PIN JTAG debug interface
        ·Extended master pins (200pin), can be used to connect to the core and extension plates
        ·Extend UART,SPI,MMC and ADC interface: 1 group
Software support:
    - Linux:
        ·The audio codec,video playback,support 2D/3D graphics acceleration
        ·Qt interface and on the board of various interface driver
    - Android:
        ·The latest version V4.04,support dual ethernet interfaces and on the board of various drives
    - Sitareware:
        ·Support drives:USB,Ethernet,PWM,SIP,UART,ADC,MMC,I2C,RTC,LCD,Watchdog,nandflash,GPIO,Touch screen
Product applications:
    - HMI: elevator call board,power plant control system,dual color LEDcontrol
    - Power terminal: electricity the concentrator,power quality analyzers,power monitor,the power meter
    - POS machines: handheld terminals (wireless/wired),desk-top terminals (wireless/wired)
    - Industrial control: PLC,robotics,industrial computer,industrial ethernet,data acquisition,motion servo
    - Healthcare terminals: biochemical analyzers,jaundice,analyzer,hematology analyzers
    - Smart homes: smart remote control,intelligent home control,accesscontrol
    - Household appliances: refrigerators,washing machines,air conditioners,water heaters and other
    - Consumer products: GPS,PDA,Pad

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