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Product description:

ICETEK-F2812-EC DSP high precision industrial data acquisition scheme in the frequency 150MHz spread on a piece of high-precision 16-bit AD and can be used for high-precision industrial data acquisition and processing method. Spreed 512K×16-bit RAM and FLASH, plus an SPI interface 512kEEPRM,guaranteed to have enough data cache in project space and storage space. Various communication interface is fully able to meet most of the communication requirements of industrial system. RTC,LCD,keyboard,LED greatly enriched the human-computer interface functions.

Hardware features:

    - TMS320F2812 high performance 32 bit CPU, clock speed 150MHz(6.67-NX Cycle Time)

    - Extended 512K×16-bit FLASH and SRAM

    - Spread 1 slice of SPI interface 256k the EPPROM

    - Spread 1 slice 16-bit DA output ±10V, DAC7744: 4-Ch

    - Spread 1 slice real time clock chip (virtual I2C bus)

    - 1 channel 10M ethernet interface

    - 1 USB port

    - 1 RS-485

    - 1 RS-232

    - 16-channel GPIO input with optical coupling

    - 12-channel GPIO output interface


    - Industrial inspection

    - Power monitoring

    - Power mether

    - Motor protection

    - Teaching and research

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