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ICETEK-XDS100 V2 Emulator

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Hardware features:

        - Support for high speed USB code downloads

        - Support for cable break detection

        - Power loss-support for target detection

        - Supports a variety of FTDI devices

        - Adaptive clock

        - Configurable in ICETEK series teaching experiment system

Peripheral interfaces:

        - USB2.0 high-speed interface (480Mbit/s)

        - 14PIN JTAG standard simulation interface

Development environment:

        - Support for CCS4/5/6 and above the development environment

        - CCS4 above development environments and support the full range of TI DSP and ARM chips

        - Supprts WinXP/Win7 (32-bit or 64-bit) /Win8

Supported drivers:

        - CCS4/5/6 development environment supports the TI processor core:

            · TMS320C28xx

            · TMS320C55xx

            · TMS320C674x

            · TMS320C64x+

            · TMS320C66x

            · ARM9

            · ARM Cortex A9

            · ARM Cortex A8

            · ARM Cotex M3/M4

            · ARM Cortex R4

            · Support for TMS320DM6467/DM6467T/DM6446 development and debugging

Product configuration:

        - ICETEK-XDS100 V2 Emulator: 1

        - USB cable: 1

        - Software CD

        - Product manual

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