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ICETEK-DM365-KBI Industrial Core Board

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Product description:

ICETEK-DM365-KBI industrial application of minimum core board business card size only because it has an independent power supply system and debugging interface, can be used as a processing module operates in dependently. And the board through 200pin pin interface, all pins of the TMS320DM365 DSP lead, convenient depending on the needs of users, in line with its own expansion interface board so quickly, the prototype for the user, provides a strong support at the time and cost.

Hardware features:

        - Processor: TMS320DM365 industrial-grade components

        - On-board memory:

            · DDR2: 1Gb

            · NAND FLASH: 8Gb

        - On-board peripherals:

            · USB OTG: 1

            · Boot mode: 6

            · Reset button: 1

            · Extension: 2 each 100pin, extension TMS320DM365 all pins

            · Standard 14PIN JTAG debug interface

            · Power supply interface: independent power to the core board

            · Overall dimensions: 70mm×55mm

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