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ICETEK-OMAPL138-KB-ECLCD43 Development Kit

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ICETEK-OMAPL138-KB-ECLCD43 is developed specifically for application of relay protection of a solution. OMAP-L138 is a ARM926EJ-STM and C67x DSP core-based low-power application processor. It provides significantly lower than those of other TMS320C6000 low power DSP platform. OMAP-L138's robust operating systems support a rich user interface, high performance through fully integrated mixed-processor solution flexibility, enabling OEMs and ODMs to bring products to the market quickly. Meanwhile, OMAP-L138 has the dual-nuclei structure integrates high-performance TMS320C674x DSP and ARM926EJ-S kernel provides DSP and simplify computer instruction systems technology.

OMAP-L138 these unique characteristics make it in industrial control, portable communications devices, USB, network transmission, high-speed coding and power equipment industry becomes more widely used.

Hardware features:

        - Main processor: OMAP-L138

            · ARM926EJ-S processor, 300MHz

            · TMS320C67x VLIW flowing-point signal processor, 300MHz

        - On-board memory:

            · Dynamic memory (DDR2): 1Gb

            · Non-volatile memory (NAND FLASH): 8Gb

        - On-board peripherals:

            · AD: ADS8556, 6 channel 16bit accuracy

            · DA: DAC7744, 4 channel 12bit accuracy

            · 1 miniUSB OTG interface

            · 1 HOST USB interface

            · 1 SATA connector

            · 4-bit boot mode selector switch

            · 1 reset button

            · 1 standard 14PIN JTAG debugging interface

            · RTC real time clock

            · 1 x LCD video out put connector

            · 1 analog video input connector

            · 1 analog video output connector

            · 1 audio line in connector

            · 1 audio line out connector

            · 2 ethernet interfaces, dual-network design, in line with the realneeds of industry

            · 2 RS-232 serial interfaces

            · 1 SD card interface

            · 4 user LEDs

            · 4-bit single switch

            · 1 +5V power input

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