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DM643x digital media processor is one of the first pure DSP devices support DaVinci technology, are ideal for price sensitive digital media applications. ICETEK-DM6437-B core board has TMS320DM6437 DSP processor with DM643x in the series, while the use of C2000 DSP TMS320F28015 DSP co-processor, common implementation for video, voice, internet, motor control.

ICETEK-DM6437-B core board with small size big functionality characteristics of compact structure and rich peripherals, core CPU processing systems suitable for use in embedded applications. 

Hardware features:

      - Primary DSP: TMS320DM6437

          · The kernel for 64x+, and 64x (DM642 kernel) fully compatible software

          · L1P: 32K Byte; L1D: 80K Byte; L2: 128K Byte

          · Enhance DMA controller 3-channel PWM output on the external interface has been expanded to

          · 1 64bit watchdog timer

      - Processor: TMS320F28015

          · Chip clock: 60M, 16-channel 12bit on AD

          · On-chip 16K*16bit FLASH: FLASH encrypt, protect code safe and independent knowledge products

          · On-chip 64K*16bit SRAM, SPI, SIC CAN, I2C, 8-Ch PWM

          · On the board extended all the functionality of the F28015 DSP pins, all designs can be on the board of the F28015 DSP realization

          · F28015 DSP and DM6437 through the I2C/GPIO DSP communications

          · Processing chip and all the chips are PIN-TO-PIN F280x and F2801x series compatible

      - Expanded memory on the board:

          · Extended 2Gbit DDR2

          · Extended 128Mbit FLASH

      - Expanded resources on the board:

          · Extended 1 EMIF interface, may be further extended asynchronous devices such as:FLASH,SRAM and AD,DA etc (and video bus multiplexing)

          · DM6437 extend the SCI interface, with the RTS and CTS flow control

          · DM6437 extension out of a CAN-bus

      - On-board peripherals interfaces:

          · 1 analog video input, supports PAL, NTSC format

          · 4 analog video output, supports PAN, NTSC format, and support hardware DSP itself OSD overlay display

          · 1 network interface

          · CAN bus interface

          · Audio input interface: 2

          · Audio output interface: 2

      - +5V power supply, avaible on 3.3V,1.8V and 1.2V power supply

      - Board size: 90mm×105mm


      - Automotive video applications, such as lane departure and collision prevention

      - Video-machine system

      - Robotics

      - Video security

Product configuration:

      - ICETEK-DM6437-B / Core Board: 1

      - ICETEK-560U PLUS / DSP Emulator: 1

      - Color display: 1

      - Color webcam: 1

      - Software CD: 1

      - Product manual: 1

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