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ICETEK-DM6437-A:DM6437 Development Kit

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Product description:

ICETEK-DM6437-A development kit with DSP core board application of A-type expansion board model, the core board size 70mm×55mm, independent on-board power supply module and the basic storage configuration (DDR2+NOR FLASH), as the smallest DSP systems run independently. Extended application of A-type is matched with the TMS320DM6437 DSP core board peripherals interface boards, which are connected by 2 100pin extension interface, including audio, video, network, multiple communication functions, CAN-bus, RS-232, for users and developers with flexibility in use and design.

Hardware features:

      - Processor: TMS320DM6437

          · CPU: 1 C64c; DaVinci Video

          · Video Port: 1 Dedicated Output

                             1 Dedicated Input

          · PWM: 3; CAN: 1 HECC; VLYNQ: 1

      - On-board memory:

          · NOR FLASH: 128Mbit

          · DDR2: 2Gbit

      - Peripheral interfaces:

          · Audio interface: LINE IN, MIC IN, EARPHONE, LINE OUT

          · Video interface: Analog video input: 1

                                   Analog video output: 1

                                   VGA output: 1

          · 10/100m Ethernet interface: 1

          · RS-232 interface: 1

          · CAN-bus interface: 1

          · RS-485 interface: 1

          · VLYNQ interface: 1

          · User switches: 4-bit

          · User LEDs: 4-bit

          · User switch (Boot mode): 2 6-bit

          · Reset switch

          · Expansion interface:

               DSP core board: 2 (socket, 200pin) that can be connected with the DSP expansion board

               DSP expansion board: 2 (PIN,200pin) that can be connected with the DSP core board

          · 34P expansion interface: 4, extending the DSP pin can be connect with the teaching experiment box

      - Power supply:

          · DSP core board power supply modules: 2pin socket, when working in the core board of independent power supply

          · DSP expansion board +5V power input: when working in the development kit +5V power supply

      - Product size:

          · DSP core board size: 70mm×55mm

          · DSP expansion board size: 160mm×100mm

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