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ICETEK-AM3359-KB3:AM3359 Core Board

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ICETEK-AM3359-KB3 core board to TI AM3359ZCZD72 for processor, used core board and extended application board separation of design form, both guarantee has core board in has processing and storage basic function of based keep smaller of shape size (core board size only for 45mm×35mm), and makes designers can through extended application board of design formed himself of application, thus shortened products of development cycle.

Hardware features:

      - Processor: AM3359ZCZD72, Cortex-A8

      - Frequency: 720MHz

      - Extended memory:

          · DDR3: 4Gb

          · NAND FLASH: 8Gb

      - Extended DSP pins: 200pin

     - Board size: 45mm×35mm

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