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ICETEK-DAF3000:Integrated experiment system

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ICETEK-DAF3000 integrated teaching experiment system is in original of DSP teaching experiment system based by do of improved, in retained has original system advantages of based, it not only can on DSP system for debugging simulation, in same sets system, just replaced main processing assessment board, on can completed on including DSP, ARM and FPGA of the teaching experiment, can in maximum degree meet finished school for different of professional and subject and for of various teaching requirements and subject research, delivers lab hardware consolidation and optimization of hardware resources.

ICETEK-DAF3000 integrated experiment system main features:

- The use of integrated teaching experiment system, experiment system has standard extension interface seamlessly connects ICETEK-A series DSP evaluation boards, ARM evaluation boards and FPGA evaluation boards.

- Experiment with test points on the box, when experimenting with instruments such as oscilloscopes to test the signal.

- DSP, ARM, FPGA evaluation boards are able to experiment various modules on the box (such as: stepper motors, DC motors, LCD display, buzzer, traffic lights, keyboard, etc) control.

Hardware features:

ICETEK-A series DSP evaluation boards hardware features:

      - TI DSP device in the series features the most complete main processor:

          · ICETEK-LF2407-AE

          · ICETEK-F2812-AE

          · ICETEK-VC33-AR

          · ICETEK-VC5416-AE

          · ICETEK-VC5502-AE

          · ICETEK-VC5509-AE

          · ICETEK-C6713-A

      - They have same board size and extended interfaces.

      - Can be connected seamlessly with experiment system.

      - A/D, D/A conversion function

      - Digital I/O interface, UART interface design.

ICETEK-A series ARM boards hardware features:

    - Main processor: AM3359

    - Memory: 4Gb DDR3;  1Gb NAND LFASH

    - Gigabit network interfaces: 2

    - USB OTG: 1

    - USB HOST: 1

    - Audio interface: 2

    - SD card interface: 1

    - RS-232 interface: 2

    - LCD interface: 1

    - RTC battery interface: 1

    - AM3359 expansion interface: 100pin×2

    - WIFI module interface: 1

    - CAN/RS-485 interface: 1 group

    - 10PIN JTAG emulation interface: 1

    - +5V power supply interface: 1

ICETEK-A series FPGA boards hardware features:

      - Using ALTERA Stratix II device: 484PIN BGA package

      - On-board memory: 64K*16bit SRAM

                                        64M*16bit SDRAM

                                        8Mbit FLASH

      - D/A: 2 channels

      - Video input: 1 channel, PAL/NTSC format

      - Video output: 1 channel, VGA format, conversion rate: 240MSPS

      - Use TLV320AIC23 audio codec chip, realization of stereo audio signal coding and decoding

      - Audio input interface: 2 channels

      - Audio output interface: 2 channels

      - RS232 serial data interface

      - User switch

      - Reset button

      - With power management module, internal multiple power conversions

      - Extended FPGA pins

      - Extended interface: 34PIN*4, enables the secondary development

      - Board size: 160mm×100mm

Signal source ICETEK-SG-A:

      - Can produce both waveforms, parameters can be adjusted

      - Produce square wave, sine wave, triangle wave, white noise and mixing waves

      - You can use headphones and microphones for recording, playback

Teaching experiment box of S60:

      - Stepper motor and DC motor

      - Has a buzzer, traffic lights, LCD display

      - You can use the keyboard to enter


    - Supporting the complete line of TMS320 DSPs

    - Not change the hardware, only change the software to develop the TMS320 DSPs

    - USB2.0 interface, high speed emulate debug easy

    - Supporting Code Code Composer Studio 2.2

    - The emulator doesn't possess DSP's source

    - Suppotring multi-DSPs debug and emulate

    - Compatible with windows98,2000 and XP

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